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The Biography Of Jokowi

The Biography Of Jokowi Full Name                           : Joko Widodo Popular Name                     : Jokowi Date of Born      ...

The Biography Of Jokowi

Full Name                           : Joko Widodo
Popular Name                     : Jokowi
Date of Born                      : June 21, 1961
Place of Born                      : Surakarta (Solo), Central Java, Indonesia
Religion                              : Islam
Hobbies                               : rock music connoisseurs wing Smart
Educational History            : 1. SDN 111 Tirtoyoso Solo,
                                              2. Solo SMPN 1,
                                              3. SMAN 6 Solo,
                                              4. Yogyakarta Faculty of Forestry graduates 1985
Occupation                          : Entrepreneur, Exporter Furniture, Mayor of Solo the period 2005-2010                             and the period 2010-2015
Wife                                    : Iriana
Children                              :  Gibran Rakabumi Raka, 
                                               Kahiyang Ayu, 
Joko Widodo or more popularly known as Jokowi born in Surakarta (Solo) on June 21, 1961. He is a businessman furniture, as well as the Mayor of Solo for the two periods 2005-2010 and 2010-2015 periods. In 2012, he along with Ir. Tjahaja Basuki Purnama, M.M. (Ahok) ran as a candidate for governor and vice governor of Jakarta.
Life History
Jokowi small is the son of a "carpenter". After he graduated from high school, then continued his studies at the Faculty of Forestry, University of Gajah Mada. After graduating college in 1985, he migrated to the province and work in one state. Then he went back to Solo and work in a company engaged in the timber industry, CV. Teak wheel. Having had enough, in 1998, he stopped working on the CV and start their own business capital of the experience he had ever had. With hard work, perseverance and tenacity, eventually Jokowi successfully develop its business and become an exporter of furniture.
Being Mayor of Solo
In 2005, Mr. Jokowi decided to run for Mayor of Solo with PDI political party as a political vehicle. Finally, he was elected as Mayor of Solo. During his leadership, Solo made little headway.
Under his leadership, Solo would change rapidly. Branding for the city of Solo performed by agreeing Solo slogan is "Solo: The Spirit of Java". Does progressive step enough for the size of the cities in Java: it is able to relocate the junk dealer in the Garden Banjarsari almost no turbulence to revitalize the function of open green land, provides qualified investors to want to think about the public interest, conduct regular direct and open communication (broadcast by local television) with the community. Balekambang Park, which displaced since abandoned by its administrators, maketh the park. Jokowi also did not hesitate to dismiss investor who does not agree with the principle of leadership. As a follow-up branding Surakarta he filed to become a member of the Organization of World Heritage Cities and accepted in 2006.
The step continues with the success of Surakarta to host the organization's conference in October 2008. In 2007 Surakarta has also hosted the World Music Festival (FMD) which was held at Fort Vastenburg complex threatened to be evicted the business and shopping center. FMD in 2008 was held in the Palace complex Mangkunegaran
Humility is not a solo Mayor artificial. For Public Solo, Jokowi is a leader who is very concerned with their lives. In the hallway markets and streets in the city of Solo, Mr. Jokowi often talk and listen to people's complaints without distance.
There is one fact that is surprising, Jokowi has never taken his salary for serving as a mayor and a car that he used as the official car of this time is "legacy" official car predecessor, Mr Slamet Suryanto.
At the election the Mayor 2010-2015, Pak Jokowi won 90% of the votes of the total electorate. It's a fantastic leader who truly loved people.
Esemka car, he was one of those who dare to wear, and the scientific community. Jokowi-even encourage students carmakers Esemka when the car is not pass the emissions test.
Jakarta Cagub 2012-2017
Jokowi would run for Governor of Jakarta in 2012 by Basuki Pilgub Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok), incumbent District East Belitung. He planned to campaign fund is unique, by selling red plaid shirt in use by Jokowi and Ahok when registering on Election Commission.
Actually a pity Mr Jokowi run for Jakarta governor, should he build a better Solo. There is still a lot of homework to finish with his deputy, officials concerned and also besama both communities.
But it has to be his decision, hopefully one day he was elected Governor of DKI Jakarta, Jakarta hopes to bring free traffic, and Jakarta to advance.


Jokowi lecture at the University of Gadjah Mada. Based on the expertise with which is owned in the timber industry. Jokowi took the Department of Forestry, Faculty of Forestry. College could get an opportunity is a remarkable thing, considering all the effort to achieve it.

All the knowledge he could get in college in order maksimalkannya soon be mastered. Neither science theory first direct practice. Jokowi proved very serious studying timber in the world ranging from wooden structures, how to use the wood, and tekhnologinya.

After lifting the title Engineer (Ir) from his alma mater, he was received as a state employee. But the world is much more exciting entrepreneurial interest. She would rather have freedom than security as an employee.

Jokowi then start seeking expertise that he had since childhood and joined the educational background he has. His efforts would still be associated with the timber. Capitalized desire to grow, Jokowi even managed to expand its business could bring around Europe.

Capital money that he was not really big planting, because Jokowi only ensure a little house of his sole. Because it is just that he has. Having had the opportunity to see the developed countries in Europe apparently opened his eyes leber-wide.

Structuring the city in harmony with nature and with the European public awareness of cleanliness. Arouse desire that it could be applied also in Indonesia. Within the scope of a simple, can be applied in Surakarta.

Interestingly, the success in the corporate world took Jokowi know someone who named Micl Romaknan. Because of Micl Romaknan was familiar nicknames he has until now that is Jokowi as usual we hear today. As well as later on, Jokowi intend to enter politics. That's all for the sake of realizing the ideals in order to lead the people with heart and change suburban slum areas become more comfortable in live.

Having succeeded in the business world, Jokowi then given the opportunity and the mandate by the people to lead their Solo as Surakarta mayor. All the knowledge and experience in many business perolehnya when applied by Jokowi in city management.
Many are recognizing, in the leadership. Solo has developed very proud. Structuring awalny city can not expect, is gradually becoming more organized.

People who usually refuses to in relocation when the troubled region. By using a careful approach, Jokowi able to reduce the rejection turmoil. Certainly not easy but Jokowi provide evidence that he is not wanted in the lead but instead serve Jokowi try to serve as much and as best as he can.

Appreciation and recognition of the success of Jokowi coming from various agencies. Universities and research was made not only campus in the country outside the university but also a lot of reviewing.

Lifting Solo

Step Jokowi to raise Solo in the eyes of the community by ratifying branding one of Solo "Solo: The Spirit of Java". Certainly not easy to make people believe in hard work Jokowi. But any public denial is a challenge to be embraced.

Steps taken Jokowi one of which is to revitalize the park Banjarsari a green open land. The land originally was a place to sell second-hand goods traders. Jokowi ensure its removal will have a positive impact for all. People understand and support these efforts.

Almost no turbulence whatsoever regarding the relocation. All goes as expected. Jokowi provide specific requirements of investors who will invest in Solo first thought that the public interest in the appeal purely business orientation.

Approaching its business community is somewhat unique because it is different from other officials. He routinely conduct intensive communication with various groups, especially the lower classes. Listen to what they want. Open communication that aired by local television was in order to live it tersampaikannya all programs and absorb as much as possible aspiration.

Land - land abandoned and neglected by managers be made useful to him. One of them Balekambang park land that was originally just sleep later on developed into a community park. The investors who are only concerned with their interests and not in accordance with the principle much he hue.

Jokowi Biography: Jokowi believes is essential if the town of Surakarta a part of an organization that concentrates on the world heritage - cultural heritage. To support the slogan Solo Spirit of Java. Surakarta City and then joined in the organization - a World Heritage City and the official in charge as a member in 2006.

Of these efforts, Surakarta able to host the Conference Organization World Heritage Cities in October 2008. In 2007 also, Surakarta successfully hosted the World Music Festival (FMD).

Becoming a Conflict Mediator Jalan Sultan

Had a duality of leadership in the Keraton Surakarta. It all started when the death of the king Pakubowono XII on June 11, 2004. What matters Pakubowono XII could not appoint anyone who would replace him. This leadership dualism between Sampeyan Dalem Ingkang Sinuwun Kanjeng Susuhunan (SDISKS) with Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Haryo (KGPH) Panembahan Supreme Tedjowulan. This is not a simple thing because for about seven years there were two king in a palace.

Due to not being able to resolve by the royal family. Eventually forcing the government to take the leadership to resolve the conflict. The sequence is one that should there be a king and one another to be Vice King. Later on as the King was agreed Pakubowono XIII and KGPH Panembahan Tedjowulan as Deputy Supreme King.

The agreement is not a joke, because it is directly signed by four representatives of the minister. Each - each of the Minister of Interior, Minister of Education and Culture, the Minister of Public Works last Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy. Unfortunately, this understanding is not enough to reduce conflict palace because still many people who reject and disagree.
Jokowi finally managed to mediate after eight months of intensive mandatangi family one by one to the conflict. Jokowi gives understanding to the royal family that it is much better to find a way out for the struggling people of Surakarta. Conflict ends when there is one party who succumb. On June 4, 2012 Speaker of the House signed an agreement stating that the Supreme Panembahan Tedjowulan ready to release a second family leadership and is willing to held back the process of reconciliation.


Success Jokowi handle various issues in Surakarta got a lot of appreciation. Of them from Tempo Magazine. Jokowi included in the "10 Leaders 2008". Tempo magazine also never choose Tjahaja Basuki Purnama included in the "10 People, 2006". Ahok, so call familiar to T Basuki Purnama, in the value of having an important part in improving health and education services in East Belitung. Both are then equally stand as Governor and Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta in the 2012 elections ago.

In addition, Jokowi also received awards received Star Home Services on August 12, 2011. This award as a top service achievement he accomplished for local office dedicated to the community. Star Home Services itself is the highest award for civilians.

Leading DKI Jakarta

Achievement in reach Jokowi was also seized the attention of national leaders. One that immediately showed her interest is Jusuf Kalla. Even Jusuf Kalla asked personally that Jokowi willing nominated in the 2012 Jakarta gubernatorial election. Jusuf Kalla met as well as directly to support the candidacy of Megawati Sukarnoputri Jokowi. Because of the structure must be in the stretcher party Jokowi by the PDI-P party.
After the Jokowi willing. Then as deputy governor in the name of good fortune to accompany Basuki Purnama T Jokowi. Despite the obstacles, Ahok eventually move from the Golkar party which originally moved to Gerindra. The reason Golkar have first agreed as a candidate for Governor Alex Noerdin.

Jokowi - Ahok actually not in jagokan couples will win the gubernatorial election. Indonesian Survey Institute has claimed that the couple Fauzi Bowo and Nachrowi Ramli better have a great chance to win the gubernatorial election just one round. What's more competitors as of PKS, Hidayat Nur Wahid much earlier known by the public as MPR Chairman 2004-2009.

MCC on Pilgub 2007 alone was able to reach 42% of the vote. This course gives a great overview that MCC is also a serious rival for Jokowi. While PDIP only gained 11 seats and Gerindra only 6 seats of the total 94 seats in contesting.

In contrast to the results of the survey were announced by LSI. LP3ES apparently announced that the two candidates are Governor Fauzi Bowo - Jokowi will be the same - the same meet in the second round of the Jakarta gubernatorial election.

On election day, July 11, 2012, was seen Jokowi of the vote in one after another led by Fauzi Bowo. Once set by the Commission that both partners go forward as a candidate for governor in the gubernatorial election second round.

Jokowi Biography: In the state forward in the second round Pilgub Jokowi to move quickly see all the candidates who were eliminated in the first round of the gubernatorial election. Not only that had already been eliminated are trying Jokowi encountered but also includes met Fauzi Bowo. Jokowi unfortunately only managed to meet Hidayat Nur Wahid alone. Until the opinion that they would bring up the coalition.

However, the other moves the political arena. Party - the party that lost its mate in the first round instead support Fauzi Bowo. Wholesales entirely support Fauzi. Jokowi only supported by the two parties have the PDI-P and Gerindra. That much support for Jokowi actually comes from the characters. Such Misbakhun from the PKS, Jusuf Kalla and Indra J Piliang from the Golkar Party, and the Father who is the brother-in-law Heri Cagub Fauzi Bowo.

There are different this time gubernatorial election. Because the campaign is also starting memanfaatan one information technology through Youtube. Both couples competing to gain the sympathy of the interesting videos. But keep in Jokowi admit that the team was more successful in mastering appeal successful team Fauzi Bowo for this field.

And various issues that arise in the second round of the campaign period. Accusations that could color include: racial issues, the issue of fire everywhere, corruption, and transactional politics.

On election day ballot. Turns Jokowi - Ahok won a majority in the appeal Fauzi Bowo - Nachrowi Ramli. Quickcount results from the Indonesian Survey Institute said that Jokowi - Ahok dominated by the acquisition of 53.81%, while its competitors are under the acquisition of 46.19% of the vote.

Period Leading Jakarta

Had outstanding issue that Parliament sought to prop Surakarta resignation Jokowi as Waikota elected despite the Jakarta gubernatorial election. But the issue is in dispute asserted by Parliament Surakarta. Even the Home Minister will also lend a hand if it came to that. There are no rules violated by Jokowi when he will resign as mayor and inaugurated as governor.

Jokowi inauguration was delayed initially scheduled later on October 7 to October 15, 2012 retreat. Is in because of administrative problems Jokowi resignation as Mayor of Surakarta and still not the end of the term of office Fauzi Bowo. In accordance with the promise during the campaign, the day after tomorrow in Inaugurated. Jokowi plunge into the field to meet the public in order to map the problem firsthand Jakarta.

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BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL: The Biography Of Jokowi
The Biography Of Jokowi
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